Core Competencies at Delta

At Delta, we commit ourselves to the advancement of power and electronics technology to provide “smarter” products with high efficiency. It helps us make possible a “greener” and more environment-friendly way of life. We collaborate with our partners, by listening to their needs, to accomplish our mission “together”.


Delta believes in its close cooperation with key customers. Our customers are both worldwide market leaders as well as innovators for new technology products. Delta welcomes the new customers in new industries, which give the opportunity to drive new processes and implement new technologies for the upcoming market challenges.

Research and Development (R&D)

Delta has a worldwide network of R&D centers located in Asia, USA and Europe. These centers cooperate very close together. Delta R&D globally engage and cooperate with renowned universities. We participate in several research programs to ensure sustainable growth with unique technology. This collaboration is a big benefit with innovative and green ideas combined together with the Delta R&D expertise. This is a trustable way to establish a long-term and continuous relationship with young and experienced people, to take care of high-tech, new and sustainable products.

Manufacturing Centers

Our production concept is based on realization of reliable and innovative custom designed solutions according customer needs. Modern facilities in Slovakia and Thailand have interoperation of quality equipments, structured processes and skilled and qualified employees.

Delta Slovakia Delta Thailand

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