BB-2.1C Section Visual 315

Sinewave Converters

are used for controllable drying and heating applications

Sinewave Converter 4300

Sinewave converters are used for controllable drying and heating applications. The patented technology allow to control by PWM signal  the sinusoidal output voltage in range of AC 0 to 175V. The technology makes it easy to meet flicker and harmonic requirments within your endproduct.

The AC/AC Sine Wave Converter SWC 4300 is highly efficient and capable of delivering up to 4.3 kW output power. It's ideal  for example to power IR-emitters in temperatur controlled heating applications.



● Patented technology that avoids flicker and harmonics which are inherent in other technologies

● High efficiency: up to 94.5 %

● Wide adjustable output voltage range: 0 VAC to 175 VAC

● Wide operating temperature range: +5 °C to +45 °C

● Safety: EN 60950-1 / IEC 60950-1 (UL recognized) / CQC

● RoHS compliant