BB-2.1C Section Visual 287

OBC 720 Watt

onboard battery charger for electric vehicles

Onboard Charger 720W

The  720 W onboard  battery charger is designed for installion on electric vehicles to charge different kind of batterie typs. The battery profile can be selected out of high number of stored profiles.  Software tool allows to define customized profiles, as well you can read out charging history, stores data of 2000 charging cycles.



● IP65 protection degree

● Battery selection via GUI, supporting all leading battery types

● High efficiency: up to 94%

● Wide input voltage range: 100 Vac to 265 Vac

● Stores data for 2000 charges

● Status indication with LED

● 5 A continuous Interlock

● UL 1564 approved

● CEC approved

● 3 years warranty