AC/DC Panel Mount Power Supplies

AC/DC Power Supplies are available as standard and customized solutions especially designed for your application.

IMA 400W

AC/DC Power Supply 400W

The high-reliable and convection cooled  IMA 400W is a state-of-the-art design, built for demanding medical and industrial applications. The high efficient power supply offers up to 400W of power in a very small package.


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IMA 600W

AC/DC Power Supply 600W

Delta IMA 600W is as all IMA power supplies availble with different outputvoltages and additional Standby power output. The power supply offers up to 600W of power in fan cooled housing.


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IMA 1000W

AC/DC Power Supply 1000W

The high-reliable  IMA 1000W offers high power to drive for example motors or deliver power for your heaters in different kind of applications. All IMA power supplies can be put in parallel to increase power or supply redundant systems.


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